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Bwin, MyBet Suing Schleswig-Holstein

Schlewsig sued by gaming companies
Schleswig appears calm from the outside.

Bwin and MyBet are suing the Schleswig-Holstein (S-H) government over its attempts to back out of a recent gaming liberalization scheme.
Legal filings from the companies claim that S-H is obliged to honor the licenses issued in July to gaming operators, no matter what the current government plans are.
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So far seven companies including Bwin and MyBet have been issued S-H sports betting licenses. Another 28 applications were received, and 21 applications are pending for online casino licenses.
Many legal analysts are speculating that S-H will be forced to honor the seven, six-year licenses they’ve already issued. S-H Interior Minister has suggested that he may still issues licenses as long as the old law is in effect.
Schleswig Goes Back and Forth
This month’s twists in the S-H gaming saga come as a surprise to industry watchers and gaming liberalization advocates. S-H was widely praised by EU regulators and gamblers alike for its defiance of Germany’s stern new gaming treaty and embrace of operator friendly regulations.
The renegade lander was slammed as the Vegas of Germany (that’s bad how?)  in the German media, but began issuing licenses nonetheless. The process was halted after a new coalition government took office earlier this year.
For now, it looks as though S-H has a messy legal fight on its hands and may wind up honoring gaming regulations its own government doesn’t endorse.
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