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Playtech Mobile Bingo: New Moneymaking Opportunity

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As Playtech mobile bingo service goes live, affiliates prepare to cash in.

Playtech, one of the leaders in the online gaming industry, has now launched their popular bingo product on the Android mobile platform. This effort really solidifies the need for affiliates to start capitalizing and making money on this technology.
The Playtech bingo network is one of the biggest with over 46,000 players playing 12 variants of bingo.  Players will now be able to access their accounts and play the many games offered on the Playtech bingo network. This is obviously a strategic move on behalf of Playtech to become the market leader in the online bingo space.
In a statement Rhys Owen, Head of Bingo, said, “This is a significant step for Playtech in terms of cementing our position as the leading supplier of bingo software in the industry as well as offering licensees the largest networked bingo and jackpot liquidity through a new and thriving channel.”
With a mobile product, Playtech’s licensees will be able to attract new players to bingo and reach out beyond the typical bingo player: 45 year old females housewives who are at home most of the time while the kids are in school.
How Affiliates Can Make Mobile Bingo Spell Cash

Now that Playtech has launched the new mobile bingo service, affiliates can now prepare marketing strategies to reach potential bingo players.  The first would be to join any affiliate programs that offer Playtech products including the mobile bingo service.  Then prepare affiliate brands that will appeal to the bingo player with the mobile offering strategically placed on their web sites.
Find out from the Playtech bingo operator affiliate manager what kind of special offers and mobile promotions they might have to incentivize players to download the mobile platform and then make it easy for them to get it on to their smart phones and start playing.