Resurrected for Next-Gen Internet Users is a mature affiliate site that recently acquired a new set of owners and a new vision for the future.
We recently sat down with a representative from (the site’s new owners) to find out a little more about how they tweaked their new site to meet the demands of 21st Century web users.
Here’s what they had to say.
Name brand domains, whether they’re .com or .org, don’t come cheap and you can bet that the RealROI team paid a pretty price to acquire
The company wasn’t at liberty to tell us how much they paid, but back in 2007, the domain was sold for around $298,000. Just to give a taste of what the .org market is like, in 2010, sold for a little over a million dollars.
What makes unique is that it’s not just an overlooked sibling standing in the shadow in the shadow of its .com counterpart. is one of the best-known .org sites in the industry and the domain still draws plenty of traffic.
Bringing Up-to-Date
Though was a well-trafficked domain, this was hardly a turnkey project for RealROI. They dug in deep to update thousands of content pages and provide translations in 13 different languages.
Now, visitors from practically any point on the globe who visit can find basic blackjack strategy information (and whole lot more) in their native tongue.
Besides a massive content overhaul,’s new ownership has been tweaking its back-end to bring it up to 21st Century web standards. This included making it more responsive to mobile traffic; as well as localizing offers for specific geographic regions.
The newly revamped launched last week and RealROI’s countless hours overhauling it were readily apparent. Not only did they completely retool the content, they gave the entire site a sleek, stripped down, and very modern look.
The lesson here for other affiliates, especially those who like to play the domain game, is that there’s no such thing as a, “gimme” domain. Even a heavily trafficked site like can still use a few tweaks, or a complete retooling, to bring out its maximum potential.