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Black Friday, One Year Later: What You Have To Say

The dust has settled (hasn’t it?), one year after Black Friday, but we wanted to know what YOU, our affiliate audience, had to say about it.
We posed the question in our community this week, and here are your thoughts on Black Friday.
allfreechips: I don’t think Black Friday was a giant hit, but the addition of Black Friday on top of all the other news really put a dent in earnings this year. Obviously there was some bad things with the accounting and that added more of a black cloud I think than even the DOJ assassins out there. Once we start to recover I am positive yet another black day will arrive.
AK: It’s getting worse and worse and think its only time until a major black friday hits.

rmeeuwsen: Ouch! Such negativity, or is it realism?

Either way, after the US gaming market crashed (way before Black Friday) the US stock market & economy crashed. I have not recovered from either of them. It takes time and we’ve got to hold on until then.
I look forward to the day when a US state allows online gaming legally. Then we’ll see the chips fall into place.

belgamo: Black Friday never reaslly hit me, guess i got lucky. But I am sure that if it didn’t occur stats would be even better.Play: I’m just glad to be moving forward from it. It was a dark time for me and many others, the best advice I could give any new affiliate at this point would be to rotate those casinos in your prime spots.. don’t make deals that chain you to favor anyone..

I had almost all my eggs in one basket.. a good 85% of them, and when the BCP/Golden Palace guys decided to use black friday as an excuse to **** everyone it hurt more than I could have imagined.. then I had to take heat from their lawyers months later.. karma is a b*tch though and I’m sure they will feel it.. 10 fold as they say..
But hey, we live and we learn.. starting to recover slowly but surely.. things will be much better in the future I’m sure of it!casinodude: I posted this in another thread but have no answer, as a new affiliate im’ confused as to this USA player law?I have USA casino’s on my site – they are from this forum – USA players accepted?
this includes affiliate edge affactive revenue giants ect, they accept USA players correct? all usa players? I am confused it is by state – and which states? in the USA.
or are you only talking about casino’s that arn’t on that list that accept usa players in your sponsored casino sites?
arkyt: Agreed – personally I think a lot of programs / casinos used the news (and other related news since UIGEA) as an invitation / excuse to screw over a lot of their partners even more so than they already were / are.
These programs eagerly jet across the globe to party it up virtually every other month, yet we are all to believe that things are so much more tougher than they once were and that stats across the board are down for a valid non-suspicious reason. If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck – it likely is a duck!
fonzi: Black Friday hit the really BIG affiliates the most I think, especially the big rakeback sites. There was a trickle down effect for a few months but I think things are slowly picking up in the US. We need to keep in mind that most players are still worried about losing more money. As an affiliate you need to promote the right rooms for the right CPA amount. Anyone promoting poker with a rev share deal these days is only asking for trouble.
The one major issue I’ve been seeing lately is the economic problems in Europe affecting deposits. Maybe its just me but programs like 888, Party and PKR aren’t doing **** these days. Maybe we just need to focus on more European traffic.

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