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Bingo: The Affiliate's Path to Profits

Are you too cool to be a bingo affiliate? If you think you are, you’re not alone. Bingo is, in the words of Sports Gaming CEO, Joe Saumerez Smith, “the red-headed stepchild,” of the gambling industry.
While it may not be the flashiest niche in the business, in 2012 it turned into one the most profitable niches in the business.  In a recent article titled, Want to Make a Profit? Bingo! Saumerez points out that for many operators, bingo is generating more money than poker.
Though the market has been pretty saturated lately, it’s definitely not too late to jump on this bandwagon. And if you need more convincing, here’s a few things to consider.
The Long Tail
Online Bingo’s core demographic is primarily female, around 50%-70%, but it’s not the old lady game you might be picturing. In the UK, online bingo’s biggest market, nearly a third of players are between 18-25. That’s a market segment any affiliate would love to have on board and develop as long term customers.
Not only are bingo players younger than you might think they’re more reliable, too. Because bingo is a relatively low stakes game, players from all walks of life can participate.
That’s what’s called the long tail, making a number of small over an extended period of time instead of a few big ones. All those small stakes bingo games really start adding up over time.
Mobile-Friendly, Social-Friendly
Not only is online bingo not a game for old biddies, it’s actually on the cutting edge of Internet marketing trends. Because bingo is a simple, straight forward game, it’s the perfect match for mobile players and their touchscreens.
And with a glut of low-priced Android tablets flooding this market nowhere near its peak.
One of bingo’s big selling points is that it’s an extremely social game. Saumerez refers to online as the first social gaming app and that’s not too far off the mark.
Pretty much any online bingo room you visit features plenty of chat and social networking features. Those social features are a major aid to player retention efforts.
Too Cool for (Bingo) School
Let’s be honest, bingo just doesn’t have the same swagger and air of cool that’s associated with poker or sports betting. But we’d like to, respectfully, point out that revenue is revenue. Bingo revenue spends just the same as poker revenue and, these days, might even be a little easier to come by.
Bingo Promotions
Bingo at Bet365This very popular and reliable UK-based outfit offers tons of bingo promotions and social features. Players who spend $10 can get $50 in free play and affiliate partners enjoy a 30% revenue share.
William Hill Bingo Mobile – Bingo is so mobile friendly that it’s worth promoting on that angle alone. William Hill’s Bingo Mobile offers new players $2.50 in free play with no deposit. Through Affiliates United, William Hill offers a 25% revenue share.
Are you considering adding bingo affiliates to your portfolio? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.