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Belgium Imposes €200 Monthly Loss Limit

There’s no question that European gaming regulators are cracking down on gaming operators in their mission to protect problem gamblers from ruining their own lives. Across the Continent commissioners are doing everything from limiting advertising to imposing loss limits, which is exactly what is happening in Belgium right now.

Late last week, the Belgian Gaming Commission (BGC) imposed a €200 ($196.40 USD) monthly loss limit for players. The new rule, which was announced via royal decree and will be enforced by the offices of the Belgian minister of justice, Vincent Van Quickenborne.

While the ruling sounds like a big old headache for players and operators alike, there is a loophole in it that’s large enough to drive a major gambling problem through. While players are limited to a €200 monthly loss limit, they can apply to have that raised. The main determination for raising loss limits appears to be nothing more than being in good standing with the country’s central bank.

Commissioners explained the policy in a statement posted on the BGC website reading, “From now on, online gamblers are subject to a playing limit of EUR 200 per week and per site. Only persons who are not registered as defaulters with the Central Individual Credit Office of the National Bank can request a lifting of this limit.

It is always possible for players to request a lower personal limit from the operators. To keep gambling fun, it is recommended not to spend more than 5% of income on gambling.”

But operators can also expect more attention from Justice Minister Van Quickenbone and the members of the BGC. The BGC is also considering a full ban on gambling advertising in the country, though that effort has made much forward progress.