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Avoid Blog Burnout: Tips for Everyday Writing (Even if You’re Not a ‘Writer’)

Creating content on a daily basis is a challenging proposition for most writers. That particular challenge is even more daunting to casino affiliate marketers whose main strengths may not necessarily involve the written word.

While content creation is a skill that can be learned over time, all writers must take care to avoid burnout (or blog burnout for the digital set). Burnout can set at any time and can seriously impact the overall quality of your published work.

There are, however, a few techniques for avoiding burnout that are worth adding to your daily routine.

Create an Editorial Calendar

Blogging is publishing and most publications operate off of an editorial calendar that helps their writers stay on track. Most editorial calendars are pretty basic affairs that include a topic; an author; and a publication date.

For bloggers, editorial calendars can be used not only for keeping content plans on track, but also as a means of capturing ideas for future posts.

No matter how you use them, editorial calendars are an excellent means of maintaining control of your online publication and avoiding blog burnout.

Create a Routine

Writing is a form of exercise that utilizes the muscle you know as your brain. Like every other form of exercise, writing benefits from a regular routine.

Most writers have a routine of some kind that usually involves, at the very least, writing at the same time, at the same place each day. This routine helps settle the mind and allows for more efficient writing.

Of course every writer’s routine is going to be different, but finding one that helps you relax and get into gear can go a long way towards warding off the blahs.


Keeping up with the daily demands of online publishing isn’t easy. But by adding routine and structure to your writing habits, you’ll be able to stay ahead of content and blog burnout.