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Are Direct Response Ads a Viable Facebook Strategy?

Direct response Facebook advertising offers casino affiliates a shot at boosting their conversions while building up that all-important brand recognition.
The challenge with succeeding in the Facebook advertising space is to adjust your marketing and advertising strategies to the Facebook ecosystem.
This means you’ll want to narrow your focus to a few very specific points. After all, you’ll need to do something special if you want to stand out in a world filled with baby photos and kitten videos.
Increasing brand awareness and conversions through direct response Facebook advertising were the focus of a recent study by Facebook’s own advertising research team. Their research found that clear product/brand presentation and calls-to-action were the keys to successfully mining Facebook for conversions of any kind.
Here’s a few tips for how casino affiliates can take advantage of direct response Facebook advertising.
Clear Product/Brand Presentation
Plenty of Facebook advertisers get a little timid when it comes to really pitching their products in the social space and that’s a major mistake.
When you’re competing against all those kittens and children you want to clearly present your brand and the value it offers to players. Facebook’s own study points out that:

One common pitfall we see in campaigns focused on online conversions is when brands run ads that lack a connection to the brand’s personality. When people are buying things online, they want to know what they’re getting and, at the heart of it, what the brand represents.

So whether you’re a fun bingo site or a dead serious odds comparison site, you need to let that personality shine in the Facebook space. Dry, traditional advertising is not something that’s going to sell Facebook’s massive audience on your products.
Have a Clear Call-to-Action
At the end of the day the only question that Facebook users, and everyone else on the planet, really care about is, “What’s in it for me?” That’s where a clear call-to-action comes into the picture.
Effective CTA’s in the Facebook space need to be well-crafted and directly to the point.
One of the most successful campaigns Facebook’s study looked included a CTA that consisted of the words, “Start Here,” superimposed over a picture of a coupon. It hardly gets any clearer than that.
Facebook advertising isn’t something you need to over-think because its core components are things most gambling affiliates are already really good at doing; presenting their products/brands and clear CTA’s.