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An iGaming Affiliate’s Guide to Video Content

Over the past couple of years, video content has become increasingly popular and is now something that Google considers a ranking factor. YouTube has gone from strength to strength, and the likes of TikTok and Twitch have provided huge opportunities for content creators.

Creating video content can be a little tricky for online casino and sportsbook affiliates, but it can be used to engage new and existing audiences in several ways. This article will talk about why you should produce video content before providing examples and identifying the equipment you need.

Why Should You Produce Video Content?

Video content has several benefits when done correctly, and the sections below will explain each of the biggest ones.

Good for Ranking

Search engine optimization (SEO) is about much more than keyword research. You’ll notice that videos regularly feature in the frequently asked questions at the top of search results, for example.

You can also use video content on your website to improve your searchability; it’s easy to embed YouTube videos on pages and in specific web articles.

Good for the Mobile Experience

More and more traffic is coming from mobile, and it’s important that your website is well-optimized for this trend. Since many people don’t read large chunks of text on their smartphones, video content is an excellent way to make content easy to digest.

Many people have unlimited data, meaning it’s not too difficult to watch video content on the go. Moreover, they don’t need to be present with their device; all they need is a pair of headphones or to turn the volume up to digest what is being covered in the video.

Keep Your Audience Engaged for Longer

Pretty much everything you do as an iGaming affiliate focuses on audience engagement. Articles definitely have a place (you are, after all, reading one) – but some might find it difficult to stay engaged while reading longer pieces.

If you produce video content, you might find a way to keep viewers on your web pages for longer and reduce bounce rates.

Examples of Video Content

Now that you know why you should produce video content let’s look at some of the best examples out there.

Betting Tips

Betting is difficult for many people, especially if they’re a beginner. If you can provide tips to help them potentially win, you can attract a significant audience – especially if a lot of people see success after following your advice.

You can provide betting tips for individual events, such as the SuperBowl. You can also focus on specific sports or leagues and go in-depth.

Casino Explainers

There are lots of terms associated with playing online casinos, and some can be confusing for new players. Explainer videos covering off topics such as wilds, free spins, no deposit bonuses, etc can really help players educate themselves.

Video explainers should be short, concise, and only include the necessary information. It’s an excellent opportunity for you to show real-life examples and help players transition to online play for the first time.

Big Win Content

Reaction content is popular on YouTube and people love to watch others win big. It’s entertaining, first and foremost, but it also gives them the belief that they can mimic that person’s results at some point.

Consider sharing your big winners on a regular basis; you can make it a series to keep users truly engaged.

Casino and Slot Reviews

Before playing a game or buying a product, players want to see proof that these are worth investing their time in. That’s true in all industries, but in something as risky as gambling, it’s even more crucial.

If you want to help users make the right decisions, consider doing reviews for all the latest slot games. You can also review full casinos to give your unbiased thoughts on whether players should sign up – giving an overview of bonuses, game availability, and so on.

What Kit Do You Need?

You’re almost ready to start your journey as an iGaming video creator, but what equipment do you need? Let’s find out.

A Microphone

If you have good sound quality, bad images aren’t the end of the world. But if your video is painful to listen to, you can expect users to switch off quickly – and they probably won’t return unless you win their trust back.

You can invest in a good microphone; they’re typically quite cheap, and you can plug it into your laptop.

A Video Camera

You can use your smartphone to record videos and short-form content, but having a video camera is a wise choice if you plan to create videos in the long run. A simple vlogging camera will do the trick to begin with; make sure it’s got a flippable screen so you can see yourself recording.

Editing Software

While you can publish your videos directly, we recommend that you spend a little time fine-tuning them. You can use tools like Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro, both of which offer advanced filmmaking editing services. DaVinci Resolve is also powerful, and – unlike the others – it’s free.

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