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Affiliates and Link Building in 2022

Affiliates and Link Building in 2022

Do you remember the days when link building was largely about securing backlinks at any and all cost? I think it’s fair to say those days are now over.

Google has become much smarter in recent years, and affiliates adopting these practices have found out the hard way that still using these tactics can lead to ranking drops and even penalties.

While this implies that link building is an outdated strategy and practice, it is still an important way to build authority into your site and remains a ranking factor for Google.

This means that affiliates need to build links naturally, with a focus on quality over quantity.

Let’s look at the top three things you must consider when link building in 2022.

Focus on your content

Regardless of how SEO evolves, one thing has remained constant. Your audience wants valuable content, and they’ll judge you on that more than any other strategy – as will Google.

If your content isn’t informative and doesn’t engage your audience, you can guarantee that many of your website’s visitors won’t return anytime soon.

Moreover, Google won’t view you as an authority on your subject – and as such, your rankings won’t improve, and if anything you will be replaced by other sites considered more authoritative and reputable.

Quality content is also easy to share, and this is a very effective way of building backlinks to your website.

Once established as a leader in the industry, you can also look to secure editorial and interview opportunities in the B2B press which can generate backlinks, too.

Join a network

Networking remains one of the most powerful tools for growing a successful business, especially in the online space. Even if you’re a one-man-band, you still need to lean on your peers to help grow your business and this certainly applies to link building.

These days, you’ll find a whole range of places to build a network and – over time – build links. One of the best starting points is social media; LinkedIn remains an excellent tool for connecting with like-minded people, especially in the B2B space.

Another solid option is online media. By becoming an expert in your field, you will become part of the conversation. Joining roundtables, podcasts, article discussions and more will help to solidify your position as a specialist in your field. Often then the publication will link back to you and your website by means of a source, hence earning you high-quality, highly relevant links. Win-win.

Look within, to begin with

In every walk of life, the path to greatness starts when you look within. Before you go about building links on external websites, you should begin doing the same on your own site.

As your website grows, visitors will see the content you link back to and click through. Moreover, Google will clearly see the niche you serve and you’ll begin to build greater authority.

Internal link building is an ongoing process, and you’ll need to ensure that these remain up to date at all times.