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2014's Biggest iGaming Mistakes…So Far

Betting Too Much on the American Market
On paper, regulated igaming in the United States seemed like a surefire hit. After all, American gamblers had been locked out of legal online gambling almost a decade and seemed ready to get back in the game.
Now, after more than a year of regulated play in Nevada and almost half a year in Delaware and New Jersey it’s clear that the US market needs some time to mature. Americans, it turns out, were not nearly as excited about online gambling as the gambling media (including CAP) were about the new market.
Operators and affiliates who thought that American gamblers would provide a quick revenue boost are still waiting for positive results. Deposit hassles and an incredibly small player base are proving that patience is a virtue when tackling this new frontier.
That said, the future of American igaming does hold plenty of promise. There’s little doubt that more states will jump on the igaming bandwagon once the kinks get worked out in Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware.
On the player pool side, interstate gambling compacts are building up a more competitive atmosphere and the potential return of Paypal to the US igaming could relieve deposit headaches.
It’s way too early to make a call about American igaming but if you were hoping to cash in on it anytime soon, you’d better be patient.