Delaware Governor, Jack Markell

The governors of Nevada and Delaware have been talking recently about the possibility of entering into an interstate online gambling compact.

This news, which was first reported in the Las Vegas Sun, should come as no surprise to anyone who has been following the birth of the regulated US igaming market. With a combined population of around 3.5 million, both states would greatly benefit from the shared liquidity that interstate gaming would introduce.

Published reports describing the conversations between the two gambling governors describe them as positive and upbeat.

At the same time, Delaware Governor Jack Markell is taking a wait-and-see position before fully committing to anything.

Given the fact that Delaware’s regulated online casino gaming only launched last week, it’s not surprising that Markell isn’t quite ready to jump in bed with Nevada. But with New Jersey positioning itself as the big boy in US regulated igaming, a Delaware/Nevada team up is a likely proposition.

Delaware has held interstate gaming as an option since it began considering online gambling a couple years back. In Nevada, Governor Brian Sandoval pushed through interstate gambling legislation in an emergency legislative session last winter.

There are currently two live online poker sites in the Silver State, and three casino gaming sites in Delaware.


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