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13 Reasons to Attend Barcelona Affiliate Conference 2013

The Barcelona Affiliate Conference (BAC) is taking place October 3-6 in the heart of Spain. BAC is aimed at affiliates who are looking for some great networking opportunities and insights into the growing Spanish and Latin American markets.

If that’s not enough to get your interest, here are 13 more reasons to attend BAC:

  1. Networking – Working from home is a fun, but lonely venture. The BAC is packed with opportunities to meet new people, share idea, and learn about new programs.
  2. Link Building Master Class – SEO masters like Nick Garner of SearchWorks Digital walk attendees through an advanced look at one of the most challenging aspects of SEO.
  3. Barcelona – This ancient city is one of the most beautiful in the world and definitely worth seeing.
  4. Meet the Black Hats – Black hat SEO gets a bad name, but it’s not always the wrong direction to take. Learn the in’s and outs from practitioners who know the black hat inside and out.
  5. Natural SEO Through PRDavid Naylor, Director and Head of SEO, Bronco Ltd. explains how PR can help build your brand and your SEO.
  6. Incredible Food – Barcelona is known for amazing cuisine that’s heavy on the seafood.
  7. Business, Business, Business – Skip the networking and hammer out some new deals with your existing partners while you’ve got a chance for face-to-face interaction.
  8. Cloaking 3.0 – Go deep into the world of cloaking/IP delivery with the renowned Ralph Tegtmeier aka fantomaster.
  9. Social Betting How Can Affiliates Profit from it? Seminar – Social casinos are exploding worldwide, but are still pretty unfamiliar to many affiliates. Get the lowdown on what the future is going to look like for the next-big-thing.
  10. Free Drinks – There are no two ways around it, free drinks and igaming events fit together like hands in gloves. Expect to find plenty of libations at BAC and a short walk back to your hotel room at the end of the night.
  11. Bitcoin: Will This Be the End of Real Money? (seminar) – Casino affiliates are understandably interested in figuring out what the future holds for Bitcoins and a panel of experts will attempt to explain how things might pan out.
  12. Content Forever – Ralph Tegtmeier hosts a discussion on how to get a handle on one of the biggest problems for operators and affiliates, how to keep search-friendly content flowing.
  13. Exhibition Hall/Prize Drawings – The Exhibition hall at any igaming event is always packed with interesting diversions and opportunities to do business. Throw in a plethora of drawings for great prizes, and it becomes something that’s really worth visiting.

There’s still plenty of time to register for BAC and get in on all the action.