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Cloaking 3.0: Dominating the Search Engines More Than Ever [RECORDING AVAILABLE]

An excerpt from “Cloaking 3.0: Dominating the Search Engines More Than Ever.” A streamed recording of the full webinar is available free of charge to newsletter subscribers.

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Contrary to the search engines’ propaganda and uninformed popular belief, cloaking or IP delivery is anything but dead! Cloaking 3.0 is more powerful than ever and continues to dominate the search engine results pages like no other SEO technology.
In our last webinar, Ralph Tegtmeier aka fantomaster presented real-world case studies illustrating what’s actually possible, the traps and pitfalls to avoid, the most successful practices to adopt and the optimal approach to things in terms of affiliate marketing.

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About Ralph Tegtmeier
Ralph Tegtmeier aka fantomaster has been active in website development and web marketing since 1994. He was the co-founder and principal of GmbH (Belgium), a company specializing in webmaster software development, industrial-strength cloaking and a variety of upmarket search engine optimization tools and services, pioneering among other things such benchmark products as the world’s most comprehensive database of verified search engine spiders, fully automated IP delivery applications, link building network administration software and automated customized content creation. Ralph is now primarily pursuing the development of intelligent mass content generation for SEO purposes as well as conducting consultation work and seminars.

This webinar was sponsored by the Barcelona Affiliate Conference.