Scratch cards is a market on the rise and a smart iGaming affiliate should not miss the chance to get their hands on it before it gets saturated. The audience that is fond of scratch cards grows every day as they have become an innovative way to win big money virtually. This article discusses a few tips on how to make the scratch cards business more profitable and attractive to new and seasoned players.

In the scratch cards world, iGaming affiliates encounter a little road block because there is no group of people with demographics suggesting a particular and unique appeal to scratch cards. This makes it somewhat ambiguous to know the profile of the players affiliates should be targeting in their marketing campaigns. Nonetheless, there are ways in which you can exploit the scratch cards market if you identify the most appealing characteristics of scratch cards and plug them into your marketing campaigns effectively. And yes, today is your lucky day because we are about to tell you all there is to know.

1. Scratch Cards’ Playboy Status

Let’s start by saying that scratch cards are to players what Hugh Hefner is to the girls of the Playboy mansion: a relatively low maintenance (scratch cards are cheap and sildenafil can only be used every so often), profitable activity that guarantees a lot of fun and has the potential to load your bank account in the long run.

Scratch cards players are attracted to the potential of winning big money through an entertaining and affordable activity. This means that the big number matters, make sure your logos and promos all state what the jackpot is very clearly, and stats of past winners and their profits will also make players head your way. Make sure you show your players that there is potential to win big in this game and that this is a reality for other scratch cards players.

2. Simplicity

Unlike most other casino games, scratch cards do not require any type of skill to be played. They are entirely a game of luck and people are attracted to them based on that. There is a reason why “Scratch & Win!” is the most famous logo in the scratch cards industry, it suggests simplicity and potential to win without any shenanigans in the middle. When promoting scratch cards, think along the terms of that logo so that players realize that simplicity and profitability are the defining factors of the activity.

3. Diversity

Currently, scratch cards are not seen as a standard casino game. This fact makes scratch cards feel like a breath of fresh air to any online gambler who is tired of slot machines and video poker. Therefore, another marketable aspect of scratch cards is their novelty and freshness that any online gambler can enjoy.

4. Roll with the Best

If you are the Hugh Hefner of scratch cards, it is expected that you can offer the best to your gorgeous playmates. In iGaming, this means that good affiliates should learn how to roll with the best of any branch in the industry. However, whereas there is only one Hugh Hefner in the porn industry, in the online gaming industry there are plenty of options for affiliates and players to choose from and it is not always easy to know which ones are of top status.

CAP has a list of recommended programs that affiliates can rely on to start engaging in the scratch cards business and profiting big as this branch of the industry grows larger and larger. Among our outstanding programs are Bet365, Aspire Affiliates, Unibet Partners, Interwetten Affiliates, and Wintingo. All of these programs offer high quality scratch cards with great prizes that any player would love to get their hands on.

What is your experience with promoting scratch cards? Have you discovered the nature of the scratch card player? Share your thoughts at our forums and/or in the comments section below!

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