As the Christmas holiday approaches, millions of people are buying up tens of millions of scratch cards. These are among the most popular holiday gifts. In addition to an affordable price, people love receiving scratch cards because it gives them the hope of “hitting it big.”

Do you know the first thing about online scratch cards? Much like their lottery based counterparts that are sold in many countries all over the world, these are growing in popularity.

Online scratch cards are played the same way as those that can be purchased at a local store. In short, players “scratch and win.”

As an affiliate, you can cash in on this craze by promoting services that feature online scratch cards. Wintingo, for example, is well known for its scratch cards and other Microgaming powered games.

Note: when you sign up as a Wintingo affiliate through CAP you will receive 40% revenue share in your first month. Wintingo has more than 200 online scratch card games.

As these cards continue to attract new players, you can expect updated versions to be released.


Why You Should Promote Online Scratch Cards  

The sooner you get involved as a scratch card affiliate the better chance you have of beating the competition to the punch. Why wait until the market is oversaturated to start promoting these games?

Here are several reasons why you should promote online scratch cards:

  1. Players love games that are easy to play. You don’t have to know anything to buy a scratch card and hope for the best.
  2. Familiarity. Since many people are familiar with traditional scratch cards they are more comfortable playing online. You can use the benefit of familiarity to your advantage.
  3. High odds of winning. Although there are not many top prize jackpots, the odds of winning are good – especially when compared to other games, such as slots and poker.
  4. Big money. Like any game, players want the chance to win big money. As an online scratch card affiliate, you can promise this. There are some games that have a top payout of $200,000 or more. It is not easy to hit it big, but the potential is definitely there.


If you are tired of promoting the same games, capitalize on the growing popularity of online scratch cards.

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