The North American lottery system is a $70 billion a year business (an industry bigger than movie tickets, music and porn combined). Within the niche of lottery tickets are scratch cards—one of the fastest growing verticals in online gaming today.

Online gaming giant Microgaming is launching a new scratch cards product with—offering the first, and only, scratch cards affiliate program in the industry. As a gaming affiliate, this opens up a whole world of clientele that may have been previously untapped.

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So, to better understand who is playing scratch cards and what kind of audience you should be targeting in your marketing efforts, here is a look at some scratch card players’ demographics (according to The North American Association of State and Provincial Lotteries).

Sex and Age

Studies show that men tend to engage in scratch card play more than women, but there’s not much difference. Also, for both men and women, the age of a typical scratch card player is between 25-65—making your target audience across the board.

Socioeconomic Status

Compared with managers and professionals, manual workers are twice as likely to be scratch card players.  However, income does not determine how much players will spend weekly/monthly on scratch cards.

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Scratch card players are likely to be extroverted and optimistic. Other traits include sociability, liveliness, cheerfulness, and the need for activity, excitement and stimulation.

Gambling Associations/Other Activity

Scratch card players are also more likely to gamble in other areas—including poker, slot machines, horse racing and lottery tickets in general. Also, scratch card players are more likely to drink alcohol than non scratch card players.

Frequency and Quantity

As stated, players in all age groups and social classes typically spend similar amounts and play about three scratch cards per week. This is of course on average and varies with each player.

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