What’s your excuse for not making mobile PPC a part of your current mobile marketing strategy?

Do you think that mobile traffic isn’t going to convert as well as desktop traffic?

Or maybe you’re just not interested in optimizing your sites for mobile viewing?

Could you possibly be one of those holdouts who think that mobile advertising isn’t really worth the effort?

Mobile PPC’s detractors were the focus of a recent posting on Search Engine Land by Eric Couch titled, Why You Can’t Hide from Mobile PPC and his arguments are pretty convincing. Here are a few of his points that are particularly relevant for casino affiliates.

Embrace Mobile Advertising

If you’ve been having doubts about mobile advertising there’s a good chance that you’re fully aware of its current stature.

Couch suggests that anyone who wants to see the value of pursuing mobile PPC should spend a little time on Google’s Keyword Planner tool. Keyword Planner has recently been updated to include mobile search data and is a treasure trove of quality keyword data.

Simply plug in your top twenty or so keywords and you’ll get a very good idea of how much of your traffic is coming from mobile search. In most cases mobile search accounts for 20% or more of all organic traffic.

With a few tweaks, most PPC campaigns can be easily re-focused to grab the attention of the mobile masses.

Mobile Traffic Converts

If you follow the web marketing and SEO media you’ve no doubt read more than article loudly proclaiming, “This is the year that mobile breaks out.”

In fact, you’ve probably been reading these kinds of articles since about 2011 and are by now a bit skeptical about these over-inflated claims.

Articles like these miss the point entirely. Mobile search, advertising and marketing isn’t something that’s going to break out over a 12-month period. Mobile growth is an ongoing process that’s been building ever since the first iPhone was released back in 2007.

As it stands today, end-users are more comfortable living, playing and spending in the mobile environment than they’ve ever been.

Mobile PPC doubters should also keep in mind that plenty of consumers start their research process on a mobile device and make their final purchase from a desktop. That makes mobile search an integral part of today’s sales/conversion process.

You Need a Mobile-Optimized Site

If you’re not getting the kind of mobile traffic and conversions you’d like to see, perhaps it’s because your sites aren’t optimized for mobile traffic.

Lousy performance and slow load times are two of the biggest factors holding back mobile growth from that mythical breakout year.

You don’t need to be a web marketing expert to know that no one is going to hang around very long waiting for a website to load. (But if you do need an expert to tell you that, they’re out there.)

Mobile optimization may sound overwhelming on paper, but it offers a pretty sweet ROI.

The key to successfully optimizing your sites for the mobile experience is testing, testing, testing across a variety of mobile devices and platforms.


Mobile PPC is an advertising platform that offers real results and long-term revenue boosts to affiliates who are willing to embrace its virtues.

Remember, mobile devices are a critical component of today’s sales funnel. Writing off the tools that bring mobile users to the table, like mobile PPC, is just bad business.


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