Every February, the NFL hands the sports betting world a $4.2 billion gift in the form of America’s most hyped sporting event, the Super Bowl.

$4.2 billion is the approximate amount that will be wagered on Super Bowl 50. That’s the good news.

The bad news is that the bulk of those wagers will be placed on the black market. According to a recent LA Times report, only about 2.8% of all Super Bowl bets made in the United States will be made at Nevada sportsbooks.

So how do sports betting affiliates tap into this vast and incredibly lucrative wagering pool? One of the best ways is by conveying the value of wagering with an established, credible bookmaker.

This time of year is the perfect time to pitch how-to-wager content that’s aimed at casual bettors.

These are the players who need reassurance that their credit card information is safe with the sportsbooks you’re pushing them towards. If your affiliate partners are regulated, publicly traded companies, you need to make your players aware of that fact.

Casual punters are also quite keen on the type of prop bets that serious bettors shun. Fortunately, prop bets are legion at Super Bowl time. Content with titles like, “3 Super Bowl Prop Bets You’ll Win Every Time,” are a surefire hit this time of year.

Newbies love prop bets like, the National Anthem over/under and, if you’re willing to do your homework, they’re relatively easy to research.

The bottom line here is that Super Bowl week gives sports betting affiliates access to a massive audience that might not otherwise be on their radar. After all, a $4.2 billion pie should have plenty of pieces for everyone.

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