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Poker Nordica

No one likes desperately scrambling to get the money they’re rightfully owed. But that’s exactly what Poker Nordica’s players and partners wound up having to do earlier this month when the site closed down with little notice. Players with under $115 in their accounts were simply out of luck.

There were rumblings of trouble for weeks, but the final announcement caught players and affiliates off guard.

EuroSuper Poker

Whether they operate as EuroSuper Poker or Elcasino, this outfit sticks to the fundamentals, offer great player bonuses; don’t bother paying affiliate partners; and never return emails. Adding insult to injury, EuroSuper Poker blames Elcasino for non-payments and vice versa.

They are, in the words of CAP poster CommandsofPoker, “A big box of fraud.”

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