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Who's ads are worse for kids - gambling ops or junk food?

The UK Advertising Standards Authority says that gambling operators are nearly as bad as junk food sellers when it comes to targeting kids. They based their conclusion on a study of web ads. ... Read more

Sporttrade to launch US sports betting exchange

Sporttrade is pairing up with Twin River Worldwide to launch the United States' first sports betting exchange in the New Jersey market. But can the US market even support a sports betting exchange. ... Read more

UK Gaming Council finds UK Gaming Council is doing a great job

The UK Betting and Gaming Council is patting itself on the back for a job well done when it comes to instituting gambling advertising bans. But will their efforts be enough to hold off the UK Gambling Commission? ... Read more

Surprise! Norwegian gambling ad ban unpopular with broadcasters

A Norwegian broadcasting company is suing the Norwegian government over a proposed new ban on gambling advertisements across the country. But will Norway's new laws pass muster with the EU? ... Read more

Pandemic coin shortage impacting land-based casinos

Land-based casinos are feeling the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic by way of a nationwide shortage of coins (yes, they still use coins). But there's a hidden benefit for players who also hoard coins. ... Read more

EA faces major lawsuit over loot boxes

Video game giant EA is facing a class-action lawsuit from players over whether or not loot boxes induce addictive behavior. It's just the latest legal attack on the popular video game feature. ... Read more

French gambling regulators unimpressed by Wimamax tweet

French gambling regulators were unimpressed by a recent Winamax tweet that contained language that some critics denounced as offensive. Though they found no wrongdoing, they remained unimpressed. ... Read more

Puerto Rico inches closer towards regulated sports betting and DFS

Puerto Rico is the latest part of the US to cash in on the regulated sports betting boom that's increasingly looked at as a fiscal savior. Sports betting and DFS could be legal in PR by the end of the year. ... Read more

Sahara casino sues local blog over false shutdown rumor

The Sahara Las Vegas casino is not planning a permanent shutdown and anyone who says otherwise might just wind up seeing them in court. That's a less the blog Vital Vegas is learning the hard way. ... Read more

Sports Illustrated ready to move into sports betting

Sports Illustrated is looking to move into the exploding world of US sports betting by partnering with an operator by the end of 2020. It's an no-brainer move that leverages one of the best-known brands in all of sports. ... Read more
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