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COVID-19 lockdown brings big revenue boost to French online gambling

While there's no question that the COVID-19 lockdown was a disaster for most, French online gambling operators reported big revenue gains. The numbers point to a remarkably durable business model. ... Read more

Las Vegas Casinos reopen in new, weird reality

Las Vegas casinos are reopening for the first time in 78, agonizing, days but the new reality on the Strip is a very different Vegas. Is this Vegas going to fly with travellers? ... Read more

Bet365 says goodbye to phone betting

Bet365 has halted all phone betting in a move that symbolically ends an era of sports betting that is unlikely to bet repeated. It's also a move that's being done without redundancies. ... Read more

Online poker player claims Loto-Quebec revealed hole cards

A Canadian online poker player is suing Loto-Quebec for allegedly, inadvertently, revealing hole cards without permission. That glitch may have given some players a major advantage. ... Read more

GVC Holdings goes 1-1 in recent battles against ad regulators

GVC Holdings is batting .500 against UK ad regulators when it comes to contesting the minutiae of their online casino advertisements. Our thoughts and prayers are with the GVC employees who have to deal with these issues. ... Read more

Swedish advertising regulators come down on Maria Casino

Swedish advertising regulators are coming down on the Kindred Group's Maria Casino for merely saying that they're the most popular casino. What is this, high school? ... Read more

2019 UK gambling revenue weak despite online growth

Revenue from UK gambling operators was pretty weak in 2019, despite some significant growth in the online betting sectors. But it's all going to seem like great news compared to 2020. ... Read more

California Indian tribes add wrinkles to sports betting legislation drama

California Indian tribes are introducing their own sports betting legislation that ices out Cali card rooms and puts the tribes on top. Is California gambling just impossible to legislate? ... Read more

Two arrested in Rugby awards betting scandal

Two men were arrested after NSW police alleged they were betting on the National Rugby League Awards using insider information. If convicted, they face up to ten years in prison. ... Read more

Visa cutting ties with German online gambling operators

Visa appears to be cutting ties with German-facing online gambling operators in a move that's throwing that market into chaos. But, so far, there appears to be no consistent policy behind the move. ... Read more
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