As an affiliate, you’ll find that the environment you operate in is more dynamic than it is static and for this reason it is vital to consider and utilise all of the available resources you have.

Asking questions is the first part of running any successful and enduring campaign, and payment methods should be within that scope. In the past not much attention was paid to this area considered a ‘Finance Issue,’ but overlooking this facet could hinder not only your campaign but your conversion numbers.

Industry leaders have started to see how important it is to guide players to the best payment methods for their regions. Here’s why:

If a player tries to make a deposit for the first time at one of your advertised casinos and their method of payment is rejected, they will probably face frustration and scepticism of how secure your casino and the payment method is, which will most likely lead to a lost player.

Research has shown that certain payment methods work well in certain countries, while that same method could be totally ineffective elsewhere. A good example of this is in the Nordic region where credit cards are the most successful payment method in Denmark and Sweden but only have a 20 to 30 percent success rate in Norway.

Here’s how to make sure that you keep your players informed about using the right payment methods and therefore increasing your chances of converting and retaining valuable players:

1.     Become informed

There are various tools available for you to analyze your incoming traffic such as Google Analytics. By monitoring your sites, you will be able to get an idea of the regions your traffic is coming from. Understanding your market is the foundation to any marketing effort because it establishes what needs to be done in order to succeed in it.

2.     Talk to your Affiliate Relationship Manager (RM)

Your RM is there to offer expertise and is central to your success. Once you have identified the regions that are driving the most traffic ask your RM to provide you with information regarding country/region specific payment methods. Most leading affiliate programs are able to provide information on the top and most popular payment methods in each region. This information can also be obtained by looking at the casino banking pages which should rank methods according to their success and relevance.

3.     Inform your market

Be specific in your marketing material regarding what payment methods work and which don’t. Make sure you have this information on your website, in marketing material and in correspondence you have with potential players.

4.     Incentivize

Most online casinos have realized the importance of using the most effective payment methods for their region and have given players exclusive bonuses for using the ones that they recommend. Talk to your RM about doing special APM promotions that will incentivise your players.

The only way to keep your competitive edge in this industry is to make sure that you always have current and relevant information to give your players, keeping you a step ahead.

About the Author:

Anthony Prissman – Head of Affiliate Marketing for Fortune Affiliates

I have been happily involved with Fortune Affiliates for two years and I am proud to say that I now manage the Affiliate Program. My focus is on our affiliate relationships and ensuring that we as a team build strong, long-lasting partnerships. We are known to be industry leaders and this is a huge draw card for affiliates who know that they will retain and convert more players with us – it is important to me to maintain this reputation. We pride ourselves on being honest and reliable and we always pay our affiliates on time.

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