She's not a fan of Iran, or online poker.

Gambling industry characters are never at a loss for words and in October they chimed off subjects like when to call the cops on rogue employees; why the US should nuke Iran; and why it’s so darn tough to get a Massachusetts gaming license.

It was not actually even noticed but we feel we need to prosecute as aggressively as we can as a matter of principle. – An unidentified Bodog Asia employee commenting on why it’s necessary to prosecute employees who embezzle company funds, even when your company is making boatloads of money.

Let’s put this into some perspective, shall we?  The same hypocrite who makes billions from his gambling yet stonewalls online poker….the same crumudgeon who bankrolled right-winger Newt Gingrinch with $100 million in campaign money the last time out to an embarassing finish in the Republican primaries… – he’s now giving out foreign policy and military advice. - Nollan Dala on Shel Adelson’s suggestion that the US nuke Iran.

In my 47 years of time of business in the gaming industry, this is probably one of the most challenging, complex situations in that I’ve ever faced.  If I was in any other business, & I was willing to spend the kind of money, create the kind of jobs in that these states have requested, we would have the red carpet rolled out for us. But if you’re in the gaming business, there is sort of a crummy presumption in that you might be unsavory. – Steve Wynn describing his displeasure at the Massachusetts gaming license process.

We feel compelled to address this irresponsible and baseless rumor. The notion that Lee Amaitis is a target of federal prosecutors or that he participated in illegal bookmaking is baseless and false. – Cantor Gaming Spokeman, Robert Hubbell, defending his boss against allegations of illegal gambling.

I don’t really know where that came from. When I heard it, it was pretty shocking. That being built on top of the loss made it a rough little weekend.Clemson QB, Tajh Boyd responding to claims that he placed as much as $80,000 in illegal sports bets.

I have no reason not to trust him, absolutely. No question, his integrity is impeccable. – Clemson coach, Dabo Swinney defending Boyd.

This is a big step towards the opening of the regulated market for online gaming in New Jersey next month. – spokesman John Shepherd on word that the Borgata in Atlantic City will be receiving a New Jersey online gaming license.

Casino operators now hope to expand another key demographic to their base: young people, especially those of college age, which is why the AGA greedily seized upon ‘Runner, Runner.’ – Stop Predatory Gambling Foundation Director, Les Bernal in a letter chiding the American Gaming Association for promoting the recent Ben Affleck movie about offshore gambling sites. (If that was the AGA’s strategy, it was a poor one. Runner, Runner, took in just $7.6 million in its opening weekend.)

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