Robert Gustafsson

A trio of former Bodog Asia employees are under investigation for their roles in a crime spree that reads like the plot of a Quentin Tarantino movie.

According to a report published on today, titled Ex Bodogs Staff Crime Wave Interview, Robert Gistafssem, Sylvia de Guzman and Sherwin Quimbao, will be charged with crimes including (but not limited to):

estafa (swindling), fraud, extortion, embezzlement, forging documents, uttering threats, filing false criminal actions, corruption of a public official, using corrupt officials to plant narcotics, frustrated bank robbery, the attempted theft of companies and real estate with forged documents, theft of intellectual property and auto-theft.

The crime spree allegedly took place over a number of years but was winding down when the would-be gangsters were finally brought down. Gustaffsen, who was a high-ranking Bodog employee, is the accused mastermind of the crime wave but was apparently planning one last dip in the company finances before he was brought down.

Fortunately for Bodog, even prolific thieves like these have trouble putting a dent in the company’s massive bottom line. An unnamed employee who was interviewed by said that the impact of their crimes doesn’t diminish their severity:

Business is very good right now and Bodog is continually expanding our business and growing our player base so overall their actions haven’t caused any operational trouble. It was not actually even noticed but we feel we need to prosecute as aggressively as we can as a matter of principle.

Details of the trio’s criminal activities are frustratingly vague (maybe we’ll have to wait for the movie and maybe it will be better than, Runner, Runner).

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