Diversifying your portfolio is an affiliate marketing fundamental that’s tough to argue with.

The only problem with not putting all your eggs in one basket is that checking on them across multiple affiliate marketing platforms can be a real headache. Not only that, but collecting revenue from multiple programs is a headache that’s revisited every month.

In a business that includes large numbers of home-based entrepreneurs, tracking statistics and revenue across all these different platforms is also an incredible time suck.

So what’s that solution to this resource drain? These days, more and more affiliate partners are bringing all of their programs under one roof through consolidators like the CAP Network.

Consolidators work directly with affiliate operators and offer a number of advantages to the affiliate partners they represent.

For starters, consolidators allow affiliates to track multiple programs and campaigns from one platform, with just one log-in. This makes tracking conversions, and getting a high-level view of your business a lot easier than it is when working across multiple platforms.

Affiliates who work with consolidators also benefit from having friends in high places who can help them out when challenges inevitably arise. Because consolidators bring big business to operators, they wield the kind of influence that can help make problems go away very quickly.

Consolidators also wield their influence with operators to secure better revenue share deals for their partners. For smaller affiliates, this means no more negotiating with and/or begging operators for the kinds of a lucrative deals they know super affiliates get every day.

Finally, and most importantly, working off a single affiliate marketing platform means you’ll receive one check each month that covers all of your casino affiliate marketing activities. If you’ve spent any amount of time in the CAP forums reading about partners who are struggling to get paid, you know that this is an incredibly big deal.

In business, keeping all your eggs in one basket isn’t always the right approach but, when it comes to consolidating affiliate marketing platforms, it’s pretty good advice.

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