To build player loyalty, it’s all about going above and beyond—not just meeting expectations but exceeding them. Players in 2012 have many options of where and how they spend their time online. To make sure a lot of this time is spent on your site and incorporating your services, you need to make sure your players are happy doing business with you—and happy to spread the word in the process.

Here are 8 great tips on building player loyalty in the New Year.

Personalize Your Correspondence

There is little more aggravating then sending your players emails about what you want them to do, and then including a “do-not-reply” in the message. Make sure you invite email recipients to respond to your messages and clearly provide your business email (if it’s a different address) and a contact number. Also, if there is a best time to reach you by phone, mention this in order not to disappoint with unanswered calls or trapping your players in voicemail hell. Learn more ways to boost customer service.

Confirm and Follow-up

To confirm subscriptions, deposits, etc.–while providing great customer service in the process—send out a confirmation email with a summary of player stats, a note of thanks and contact information if needed. You can also email your players to follow-up and check on their satisfaction with your services and/or send a yearly poll to active players.

Socialize to Build Loyalty

Social media is a great way to promote your business, but more importantly to promote player loyalty. Provide your players with needed information about services, offers and other deals, but don’t forget that your audience has other interests. Post funny videos, pictures, movie quotes, etc.–even if they don’t relate to the gaming industry. This is great for establishing a loyal fan base.

Engage Your Followers

In the same way that ignoring people who are talking to you in person is rude, it is equally rude when you don’t respond to what players are saying to you online. Respond to comments on Facebook, Twitter, even videos on YouTube, and always answer questions from your players—or better yet—ask questions for your players to respond to. This builds player loyalty and boosts your online presence.

Don’t Ignore Negative Comments

Just as you should respond to all positive comments, you should also respond to negative comments. By ignoring a negative comment, you are validating that a player has a right to be angry and that they can’t depend on you for help.  This is the fastest way to lose customers. Always try to help a player who has had a negative experience with your services, or the casinos you promote.

Offer Inside Tips

If a casino offers a game or games that has smoking hot results, or provides the most exciting user experience, share this information with your players. Your users will appreciate having someone with inside knowledge who can keep them in the loop with tips and tricks that an outsider wouldn’t know. This is great for building loyalty.

Be Honest

Even if the casino(s) you are promoting are great—they are not perfect—and you should be honest with your players about things they might want to know. For example, if a casino is known to not offer the fastest payouts, you might want to suggest other casinos that do better in this area. Your players will count on your advice and will return to get this feedback.

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Show Your Players Gratitude

If repeat players are coming to your site and are following your blog, tweets, YouTube videos, etc., be sure to show your gratitude. Provide content to educate and entertain, offer bonuses and promotions, and give your users a reason to keep returning. Make sure they know they’re appreciated, and are seen as not just customers, but as friends. Learn more ways to turn players into depositors.

How do you show your players loyalty? Are there additional steps you are going to take in the New Year? Let us know in the comments below.

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