For many casino affiliates, establishing a meaningful (read: profitable) presence on social media has turned into the the web equivalent of hunting white whales.

All too often, social advertising campaigns frequently involve lots of time and money with little in the way of positive results to show for your efforts.

So how can affiliates crack the social code and start landing conversions from Facebook? That’s a subject content marketer Ritika Puri tackled in a recent posting on titled, A 3-Step Framework to Growing Your Social Media Budget.

Though much of Puri’s advice is aimed at corporate types who are angling for bigger budgets from their bosses, much of it is quite relevant to affiliates. Here’s what you need to know.

Set Conversion Goals

Conversion goals and events are something that most affiliates should already be familiar with from their pre-social media web marketing experiences. Unfortunately, plenty of folks throw that experience out the window when they jump on Facebook and replace it with a, “build it and they will come,” approach.

Setting actual conversion goals gives you something to hang your hat on besides a vague notion that social media is good and you should be involved in it somehow.

Visualize the Process

Would you sign up for a gaming account from a Facebook post? If you’re like most of us, you probably like to keep a fair distance between your consumer web time and your social web time. That doesn’t mean social media is a lost cause, it just means social media is a small piece in a larger conversion puzzle.

Puri suggests using analytic tools, like Google Analytics, to help you visualize exactly how your websites and social media outlets are actually interacting.

Break Things

Social media as a business venue is still very much in its infancy and there’s plenty of room for change and growth. That also means that now is the perfect time for experimenting with social media strategies.

According to Puri, there’s still plenty of untapped advertising in the social media advertising ecosystem and plenty of room for trying out new techniques. While you’re in this experimentation stage, you’ll definitely want to be keeping close track of which techniques are rocking, and which techniques are flopping.


Social media is fertile ground for gambling affiliates, just look at the massive popularity of social gambling apps; but social media and social media advertising aren’t a free ride. But if you’re willing to take some chances; define some real goals; and carefully track what you’re doing, it can become a valuable link in your conversion chain.

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