Delaware Online Gambling Launches: What It Means For Casino Affiliates

The State of Delaware took its first step towards full-on, regulated online gambling this week with the launch of three, free-to-play casino sites.

It’s a big move for the state that, barring any technical disaster, will be the first in the US to offer fully legalized casino gaming… not just poker.

Regulated iGaming in, The First State, should also hold interest for casino affiliates because the partners on two of the sites include DoubleDown Casino and 888. Both companies have robust affiliate programs that can be accessed via the CAP Network.

Visit the CAP Network here.

888 is moving aggressively to establish itself as the dominant operator in the States and has already inked partnerships with several Nevada and New Jersey casinos.

The Delaware market is extremely small when compared with other US gaming markets. With a population of just 900,000 its potential for generating huge affiliate revenue on its own is pretty slim. However, Delaware’s state government is very friendly to the gambling industry and the prospect of an interstate gambling compact¬† with Nevada seems very likely; maybe as soon as 2014.

Also, under Delaware gaming regulations, affiliates are not considered to be casino employees and do not have to apply for individual gaming licenses at this time.

Free money play on Delaware casino sites is expected to continue indefinitely, while real money gambling launches at the end of October. This news makes tiny Delaware seem much more attractive to casino affiliates who are looking for their piece of the American Dream.