What region is generating the most suspicious wagers in the entire world of sports betting? According to a recent report by the International Betting Integrity Association (IBIA), it’s Europe. More specifically, it’s European soccer and tennis that are generating a good chunk of those suspicious bets.

But the question here is whether or not this region is actually experiencing more meddling than other parts of the sports betting industry? Or are the checks and balances meant to catch those suspicious wagers just more effective in this region than in other parts of world? Hence they’re catching more monkey business than others.

In their most recent report (which comes out quarterly), the IBIA reported 50 instances of suspicious wagers. That, according to CalvinAyre.com, is actually down from the 72 alerts in the previous quarter. Of those 50 reports, 21 involved European sports and 18 were Asian. A full 90 percent of those reports were generated either by soccer or tennis matches.

Khalid Ali, the secretary general of the IBIA lauded the cooperation of European sports leagues in rooting out the criminal element in sports betting in an interview with Yogonet saying, “We welcome the ongoing efforts of the sport to work closely with us and to identify and impose sanctions on corrupt players. The scope of the association’s unique and global leading monitoring system has been boosted by four new members during 2019, with discussions ongoing with a number of other companies interested in investing in integrity and protecting their businesses from corruption.”

What he didn’t say is that regulated, stable markets like those in Europe are particularly good at finding corruption. When black market sports betting is the only option, these same activities take place but no one is there to detect them.

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