Betclic exits UK online gambling market

Betclic Everest Group is getting ready to exit the UK online gambling market once and for all. According to Betclic Everest officials, the reason for the abrupt withdrawal is all about getting out of a crowded, highly competitive marketplace that’s just not worth the time.
Company officials informed affiliates and players last week that all operations surrounding all Betclic Group brands would cease at the end of October and December 6 is the cut off for retrieving outstanding funds. There’s no reason to believe that these parties would not be paid in a timely manner.
When it comes to the idea the Betclic isn’t performing well, that’s their story and they’re sticking to it, but there are a host of other really good reasons why any online gambling operator would be wise to exit the UK. (Though our colleagues at Calvin Ayre point out that Betclic is actually doing pretty well in the UK.) But the UK is hardly the model of a stable operating environment, particularly for gambling operators. For starters, there’s the entire Brexit mess, which has the potential to significantly upend business practices for every business in the UK.
There’s also the fact that UK gaming and advertising regulators have been cracking down very hard on operators for offenses both small and large. Though Betclic seems to have avoided major trouble and fines, there’s no guarantee that any operator will be able to avoid capricious fines for long.
No matter what the true reason winds up being, there’s no question that Betclic’s exit from the UK is part of a larger trend that is not good for the online gambling industry.