With 2011 coming to an end, it is time for gaming affiliates to look towards the new year. There is no better time than now to solidify your marketing strategy, improve your web properties, and create a plan for the future.

With many emerging markets, both geographically and by industry, it is important to focus your time, money, and energy in all the right places. By getting involved with these markets early-on, you have a better chance of success.

Emerging Geographic Markets

Despite economic and political turmoil, the European iGaming markets are holding steady. There are a lot of people in the United Kingdom interested in online gaming, and since it is legal in this part of the world affiliates can really clean up.

When speaking purely about emerging geographic markets, you have to take a strong look at India. There are many online casinos in India that have gained traction throughout 2011. As they continue to move forward and pick up steam, this offers a great opportunity for affiliates who are looking to break into a relatively untapped niche.

What about the United States? Is this an emerging market? Absolutely not. In fact, there is no market at all at the present time. Affiliates focusing on US-based players are taking a big risk, especially after the events of Black Friday. In short, these players are afraid to deposit money for two reasons:

  • It’s illegal
  • Any money in their account can be here today, gone tomorrow – just ask those who used to bet with Full Tilt Poker

With emerging markets throughout many parts of the world, spending time and money on US based players makes no sense. Why not focus on an up and coming market, such as India, where the potential rewards are great while the risk is next to none?

Emerging Gaming Verticals

While there is nothing wrong with focusing on mainstays, such as poker and slots, there are emerging markets to turn your attention to in 2012.

Sports betting is a great example. Many affiliates shy away from this because it is perceived to be a “gray area” in terms of its legality. If you are going to give sports betting a try, early 2012 is the time to get involved. There are many big sporting events during the first half of the year including the NFL postseason, NCAA basketball March Madness, the NHL, and the NBA (if the lockout is ever lifted).

Binary options affiliates are cleaning up right now. If you don’t get in early you are going to miss the boat. With an all or nothing approach, binary betting is attracting people from all over the world. Early affiliates have found this to be a great money maker, thanks to a base cost-per-acquisition as high as $200 per transaction.

Scratch cards, including other lottery based games, have also emerged during the second half of 2011. This is sure to carry over into the new year. Right now, this is one of the hottest markets in Spain, Sweden, and Germany. High conversion rates are common. When you add this to players who make multiple deposits, affiliate earnings can really add up. As the scratch card industry makes its way into other geographic locations the opportunity for affiliates to earn will continue to grow.

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