The gaming affiliate industry is abuzz with the “next big thing.” With the binary options market heating up, more and more affiliates are generating good money within this vertical. Before you can get involved with binary options, you must first understand how the industry works.

Overview of Binary Options

This is nothing more than a type of trading option in which the payoff is a fixed amount or nothing at all. With an “all-or-nothing” setup, binary betting is very attractive because investors are well aware of what they can earn or lose – there is no grey area.

The phrase binary options mean two options:

  • A call option, meaning that an asset will close above
  • A put option, meaning that an asset will close below

Due to its simplicity, investors and affiliates alike have an easy time getting started.

Investors have fallen in love with high returns, up to 85%, which is fixed before the option is purchased.

From an affiliate point of view, you don’t have to look any further than the base cost-per-acquisition which often times reaches as high as $200 per transaction. With a 35% revenue-share option, on average, this is similar to what most casino affiliates are used to.

So, this leads to one question: how can you, the affiliate, benefit from diving headfirst into the binary option market?

Less Competition than Traditional Games

Let’s face it: despite the recent troubles surrounding the online gaming industry, more and more affiliates are getting involved because of the amount of money they can earn.

With binary options, this is not a problem – not yet, at least. At this time, the industry is relatively untapped. By becoming an early adopter of binary options, you can get a head start on the competition. Not only can you earn a lot of money before others enter the game, but you can establish yourself as a “go-to source” for all the best information and advice.

Payouts are High

Affiliates want to generate as much money as possible. With binary options this is a very real goal. Even though it is mentioned above, it is well worth nothing again: cost-per-acquisition rates can approach $200 with revenue-share coming in at 35% on the high side. When compared to traditional affiliate programs, such as for online poker rooms, you can see just how competitive this industry is in terms of payouts.

Number of Programs on the Rise

Despite the fact that this side of affiliate marketing is just heating up, several high level affiliate programs have been established.

As the popularity continues to grow, expect more affiliate programs to make their way to the forefront.

What are your thoughts on binary options? Discuss this and more in our Binary Options boom forum thread.

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