Establishing a worthwhile presence on social media can feel like a real time suck, especially when you’re first getting started. That’s why plenty of casino affiliates never bother with Twitter, and other social networks in the first place.

But conquering Twitter does not have to consume all your free time. In fact, a recent posting on Mashable from Aubre Andrus titled, How to Spend Only 10 Minutes a Day on Twitter, show how to do exactly what the title describes.

If you’ve been avoiding getting on Twitter because it takes too much time, here are a few time cutting tips to remember.

Get On Hootsuite

There are plenty of programs out there that can help automate social media postings, but Hootsuite is generally considered to be one of the best. Once you’ve downloaded it, Andrus recommends starting with the following streams:

  • Scheduled Tweets
  • Sent Tweets
  • Mentions
  • Direct Messages
  • My Tweets
  • Retweeted

Create Lists

Tackling Twitter without taking advantage of its very helpful Lists feature is an invitation to chaos.

Your lists can be divided and curated just about any way you’d like, but its probably worthwhile to keep one list of industry influencers or big time players whose attention you’re particularly keen to have.

Transfer Your Twitter Lists to Hootsuite

Take all your lists from Twitter and transfer them over to Hootsuite. Once that’s done, create a new tab on the Hootsuite dashboard and start placing your top lists there. Now repeat this process for your remaining lists.

Populate the #hashtag Streams on Hoosuite

Hashtags are the currency of the realm in Twitterland. For that reason, Andrus suggests opening a dedicated Hootsuite tab for the four most important hashtags you’re following. This step gives you quick access to breaking industry news and events.

The Routine

With your Hootsuite duck in order, you’re now ready to take on your new Twitter routine. Aubre says to start each Twitter session by checking for Tweets you’ve been mentioned in and responding to them accordingly.

Once that’s done, go into your lists and see what your influencers are up to. That should give you the inspiration for your own Tweets, which you can schedule to be fired out throughout the day.

That’s it. With a little bit of prep, you can conquer Twitter in just ten minutes day.

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