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Double Down Casino

Double Down is one of the fastest growing companies in the social casino gaming space and offers over 20 casino games for real money and social players. Their affiliate programs pays out for game application installs – which are free and require only a Facebook log-in.

If you’re thinking that Double Down looks like a good business to get a piece of, you’re hardly alone.

Last year International Gaming Technology (IGT) eyeballed Double Down’s 4.7 million users and purchased the company for $500 million. That’s a serious vote of confidence in a brand that was only a year old at the time of the purchase.

Double down is also partnering with the Hard Rock Cafe Casino in Las Vegas, which brings some name-brand credibility to your conversion efforts.

There’s no question that Double Down is looking at solid growth in the months and years ahead. Double Down Casino pays out on a CPA plan.

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