In a somewhat uncharacteristically no-frills press release, online bad boy Bodog has announced the launch of a “New Content & Recruitment Portal”.

That “new content and recruitment portal” comes in the form of an ambitious new website and marketing brand, Bodog Nation, designed to capitalize and build on the brand’s media cool and Internet fame.  

The site was launched this week, to coincide with Bodog’s recruitment booth at the ICE conference in London.

The new site appears to be aimed at building up the non-gambling side of the Bodog brand, with plenty of videos of those famous Bodog girls and an array of articles about the history of the Bodog brand itself.

“Bodog Nation is stacked with vintage and new viral videos, image galleries, intriguing articles and other great Bodog content,” the company’s news release states. “This includes everything from the highlights and history of Bodog’s impact on popular culture, to the brand’s latest campaigns, achievements and promotional sponsorships.”

Bodog’s Europe CEO Patrik Selin lays out the big picture: “I have stated extensively that I believe the battleground for the near future in iGaming is for talent. We are aggressively recruiting right now and this portal offers a perfect illustration of what the Bodog brand is all about. For over 16 years, we have been a trusted name in gaming and with the launch of, it is our hope that a larger audience of future bettors and potential employees will see and understand the essence of the brand.”

Bodog Nation can be viewed at; affiliates can promote the Bodog brand via the Bodog affiliate program.

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