Are you ready for some revenue? Some NFL football revenue?

Professional football is both the United States’ national sport and national obsession. Every week massive audiences hunker down to watch, and wager on, NFL football across the land, and there’s no reason to be missing out on this huge opportunity.

For North American sports betting affiliates, football season is their busiest time of with many of them pulling in as much as 80% of their revenue off this one sport.

If you’ve been reluctant to get on board this US-facing money train, here are a few facts and promotions you might want to consider.

How Big is NFL Betting?

Because straight sports betting is illegal in every state but Nevada, getting a handle on exactly how much money is wagered on the NFL is tough. We know for certain that those legal Nevada sportsbooks take more than $1.5 billion in NFL action along; about 40% of their total take.

We also know that NFL wagering reaches a frenzy when the Super Bowl rolls around. Last year fans in Nevada wagered a record $119 million on the big game. That’s up from $98 million the previous.

On television, NFL games are huge events that draw millions of American to their TV screens all day on Sundays, and on Sunday, Monday and Thursday nights.

In 2013 a whopping 34 of the most-watched television programs in the United States were NFL games. Over the last decade, the league’s viewership has grown more than 31%.

Suffice to say, Americans are always ready for some football.

Creating NFL Content

To say that the NFL is content-rich environment is something of an understatement.

The bigger challenge for sports betting affiliates is narrowing down the content opportunities and finding your own niche. Between straight game picks; fantasy-oriented content; and NFL news, the opportunities are endless.

NFL fans and players, are also very active on social media, especially Twitter. That means promoting your content on this format, and following it up with plenty of interaction, is a critical component of NFL success.

NFL Affiliate Promotions

Intertops – As the first internet-based sportsbook, Intertops comes with plenty of name-brand credibility that’s fairly easy to promote to your players. The company runs regular NFL promotions and has a number of deals aimed at players wagering $5,000 or more. For CAP member, Intertops offers a 40% revenue share for the first three months and 20% thereafter.

888 Affiliates – UK punters are known for their love of the other kind of football but the NFL variety is very popular through the United Kingdom. 888 is a well known sports wagering brand in this part of the world and serves up plenty of straight wagers, props and live betting opportunities throughout the NFL season. CAP members qualify for a $500 bonus when they bring in five players over their first 60 days.

Paf Partners - With land-based roots stretching back to the 1960′s, Paf Partners are a great choice for sports betting affiliates who are looking for a reliable partner. Paf has a large international footprint and is an especially good choice for affiliates who are looking to convert Spanish-speaking NFL fans. CAP members who sign up with Paf qualify for a 40% revenue share during their first three months and 25% thereafter.

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