Affiliates worldwide have been putting effort into solving one of the industry’s affiliates’ greatest nightmares: shaving. As an affiliate, you devote your time to making sales for other companies, and sometimes those companies decide to not pay you your share of the sales, or at least to not pay you a part of your earnings—this practice is known as shaving.

As experts of this business, we know the work that you guys put into making sales, promoting sites, and recruiting players. It is truly unfair when some of those companies arrange away to take away your commissions and exploit your services without giving anything in return.

However, there are ways in which many affiliates have overcome shaving that we thought would be good to share so that this can be prevented at all cost.

Growing a Commission Beard

Affiliates should enjoy the commissions they deserve, and there are many things affiliates can do to avoid being shaved by companies. To start, avoid sites with bad reputations. (This is why affiliate reviews are so important!) When shaving occurs, the word gets around fast so you should be able to find information on who is carrying out this malpractice if you follow casino news.

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Affiliates have also opted to start using different types of software in order to track their sales and commissions extensively and make sure that they are not missing out on any detail of their transactions. Good software has been developed in order to protect affiliates from shaving and they also have a simple installation process that makes them convenient. Keep in mind that reputable casinos will help you keep track for your stats and make sure that transactions are always transparent, so choose to work with those guys before anyone else.

Another tip is to make sure that you fully read and understand the terms and conditions of the site you are working with. Many times, companies and online financial institutions will use the small print in their contracts to get away with any shaving they do to your earnings, be prepared for that and do not sign contracts with ambiguous clauses related to your commissions.

Can Shaving Ever Be Abolished?

NO MORE SHAVING! It is hard to tackle the issue, as it is out of most people’s control and the companies have even managed to get away with it legally. Affiliates should always be cautious and take care of their business, but in this post I’d like to encourage all of you to speak up.

Whenever you discover that your commission is being shaved by a site, don’t deal with it silently. You can choose to speak up at your forum, at the CAP forums, or wherever the word will get around and the issue will be public. It’s up to you guys if you want to expose the companies that like razors. If you name the company, it will discourage other affiliates from working with them and it will make the company re-think the way in which they are doing business. If you don’t name them, then at least you can get help and support from other affiliates and the CAP team on how to handle the situation properly.

Have you been a victim of shaving? How do you feel about speaking up on the issue? Please share your opinion on this important matter with other affiliates; you may do so in the comments section below or at our forums.

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