Writing reviews of online casino programs is highly effective for affiliates. Regular users of your site will come to trust the opinions and advice that you give and will be receptive to recommendations. These reviews can in turn boost sales, as users are likely to frequent your top rated sites—putting more money in your pocket with each click.

Here is a breakdown of how to write good program reviews as an affiliate, and other tricks you should know.

Be Informative

Gamers interested in a casino that they’ve never played at want to know if the site is ultimately worth it—good payouts, trustworthy operation, good deals, offers a variety of games and options, etc. This is where your review can help. Breakdown the casino and what it offers—and also what it doesn’t. Discuss the usability of the site, payout stats and what other users are saying.

Offer Inside Tips

If a casino offers a game or games that had have smoking hot results, or provides the most exciting user experience, put this in your review. Your users will appreciate having someone with inside knowledge that can keep them in the loop with tips and tricks that an outsider wouldn’t know. Other tips can include the best time of day to visit the site, the loosest slot games and the best live dealers based on user feedback.

Have you ever left an affiliate review? If not, you can start now by visiting the CAP Reviews page. Let your fellow affiliates and operators know your feedback in an effort to improve programs, share your experiences and ultimately earn more.

Be Comparative

Casinos are all competing with each other, but not all offer the same options and perks. Write reviews that compare top casinos based on a particular platform; i.e. the best (and worst) poker sites, blackjack sites, sites for slots, etc. Compare payout rates, ease of payout, deals and bonuses for new and frequent players, etc. Your users should be able to quickly and easily cross compare sites based on your review. Offering comparisons can also help in your promotion efforts.

Be Honest

When a player sees nothing but stellar reviews for a gaming site, this usually indicates that the writer  (you) is trying to sell them something. Even if the casino is fantastic—it’s not perfect—and you should always be honest in your review. Also, don’t go into promotion blindly. If you have little experience with the casino, say so, rather than trying to provide information that you don’t know. As a rule, it’s best not to write a review until you have the full inside scoop.

Don’t forget, you can write reviews right here on CAP! Find an online casino that you have had experience with and talk about it. As stated, this can boost sales for both you and your affiliate partners.

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