1. Don’t post a pageview counter on your site if you’re not getting many pageviews. – DaveMerry

2. Use Google’s “test your mobile site,” tool to evaluate your mobile site. – rmeeeuwsen

3. Use smaller logos on mobile site than you would on your desktop-focused sites. – Arjun

4. Use the alt= tags to promote your keyword phrases as much as possible. – ShotgunPete

5. Compress your or reduce large images on your site. This will make it load a lot faster. – MuffinCrumbs

6. Make certain that at least one conversion link is above the fold. – calento

7. When rating site, hotels, or whatever, don’t give them all a top rating because is takes away from your overall credibility. – MuffinCrumbs

8. Keep your forums alive with daily posting that feature open ended questions and step in when things start getting racial or overly personal. -Fonzi

9. Use contrasting colors, otherwise information like your CTA gets lost in the mush. (And older people will have trouble reading it.) – arkyt

10. Don’t forget fundamentals like a privacy policy and social media buttons. – JillO

11. Include basic content like casino game rules. Remember, not everyone is a veteran player. – InsipOne

12. Don’t flash through your slides too quickly. Give your readers a chance to actually click on the content they’re most interested in. – MuffinCrumbs

13. Make the quality of your content match up to the quality of your design. (That’s assuming that your design quality is high.) – TheGooner

14. Keep your rating systems simple enough for readers to easily understand. – Rak

15. Create a unique design. You won’t fool anyone by trying to look like an established brand. – Tehsik

16. Dilute the impact of bad links by increasing your overall number of quality links. – LandofOz

17. Avoid buying e-mail lists, they’re just not worth the hassle. – Whs_web

18. E-mails live and die by subject lines, so don’t ignore the fundamentals when writing them. – CAP_Allan

19. Make your e-mail newsletters a good mix of both promotional and informative material. – Rak

20. Always include an e-mail capture on your homepage to increase conversions. – CristianR25

21. Don’t make the rookie mistake of creating links that are the same color as your text. – Shotgunpete

22. Avoid mandatory log-ins because they’re a big turnoff for players. – Casym

23. Don’t make your header so large that hogs up all the above-the-fold-real-estate. – InfluxJohn

24. Title tags need to be descriptive. The word, Home, doesn’t pull much weight from an SEO-perspective – allfreechips

25. Switch out banner ads for text links and watch your conversions increase. – hoLkaPoLKa27

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