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25 Tips from the CAP Forums

1. Don’t post a pageview counter on your site if you’re not getting many pageviews. – DaveMerry
2. Use Google’s “test your mobile site,” tool to evaluate your mobile site. – rmeeeuwsen
3. Use smaller logos on mobile site than you would on your desktop-focused sites. – Arjun
4. Use the alt= tags to promote your keyword phrases as much as possible. – ShotgunPete
5. Compress your or reduce large images on your site. This will make it load a lot faster. – MuffinCrumbs
6. Make certain that at least one conversion link is above the fold. – calento
7. When rating site, hotels, or whatever, don’t give them all a top rating because is takes away from your overall credibility. – MuffinCrumbs
8. Keep your forums alive with daily posting that feature open ended questions and step in when things start getting racial or overly personal. –Fonzi
9. Use contrasting colors, otherwise information like your CTA gets lost in the mush. (And older people will have trouble reading it.) – arkyt
10. Don’t forget fundamentals like a privacy policy and social media buttons. – JillO
11. Include basic content like casino game rules. Remember, not everyone is a veteran player. – InsipOne
12. Don’t flash through your slides too quickly. Give your readers a chance to actually click on the content they’re most interested in. – MuffinCrumbs
13. Make the quality of your content match up to the quality of your design. (That’s assuming that your design quality is high.) – TheGooner
14. Keep your rating systems simple enough for readers to easily understand. – Rak
15. Create a unique design. You won’t fool anyone by trying to look like an established brand. – Tehsik
16. Dilute the impact of bad links by increasing your overall number of quality links. – LandofOz
17. Avoid buying e-mail lists, they’re just not worth the hassle. – Whs_web
18. E-mails live and die by subject lines, so don’t ignore the fundamentals when writing them. – CAP_Allan
19. Make your e-mail newsletters a good mix of both promotional and informative material. – Rak
20. Always include an e-mail capture on your homepage to increase conversions. – CristianR25
21. Don’t make the rookie mistake of creating links that are the same color as your text. – Shotgunpete
22. Avoid mandatory log-ins because they’re a big turnoff for players. – Casym
23. Don’t make your header so large that hogs up all the above-the-fold-real-estate. – InfluxJohn
24. Title tags need to be descriptive. The word, Home, doesn’t pull much weight from an SEO-perspective – allfreechips
25. Switch out banner ads for text links and watch your conversions increase. – hoLkaPoLKa27
For more great tips on everything from website design to SEO, check out the CAP Forums.