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Which Microgaming affiliate program is most profitable for you?

You have affiliate marketing questions. CAP has answers!Category: Polls & SurveysWhich Microgaming affiliate program is most profitable for you?
Engineer asked 1 year ago
As a casino affiliate, which Microgaming affiliate program makes you the most money each month, on average?
16 Answers
Dominique answered 1 year ago
Also, there are thousands of affiliates out there, this is not in anyway a scientific representation.

It’s just a poll here.

32RED is an excellent casino, I for instance just haven’t given it a push yet.

Also, even if 1000 would vote 32RED to be best, it may not mean a thing for you on your site.

The reason all these different programs are profitable, is because they work well on some sites. No program works well on everyone’s sites. Not everyone has the same type audience/visitors.

Always take all suggestions as to which is best with a grain of salt.

There are some casinos people rave about that I can’t give away.

betprize answered 1 year ago
Professor and Dominique, your replies just confirm my point of view that this poll’s results can not be considered objective. That was my main point.
I think that every poll is supposed to have a purpose. This is a web site that is also supposed to give new gambling affiliates ideas and knowledge, where old timers can share their experience with beginners.
I commented on the poll only because its results can give new affiliates the wrong message. That is why I mentioned Red 32 in comparison to ReferBack.
I also consider Red32 a good program. That is exactly why I compared it with ReferBack, a giant with poor reputation. But if a newbie reads the poll’s results, what conclusions would he/she make? That ReferBack is the

“affiliate program makes you the most money each month, on average?”

I believe it is necessary for experienced affiliates to comment on the degree of objectiveness of a poll, especially if its done at an educational and informational site like this one.
This is my personal opinion only. I am a beginner myself and this is my newbie’s view of it.

Dominique answered 1 year ago
Referback may have made it’s mistakes, but every time it stepped up to the plate to fix them. This is where reading posts can be misleading. There will be hundreds of heated complaints and then one small thank you post at the end. What remains is the flavor of the heated posts, not the realization that the program stepped up to the plate.

There is no objective way to do such a poll as this.

You can go to APCW and see math based evaluations.

Here it is all individual opinions, and there are as many as there are webmasters. No one will ever agree on which programs are best because there is no one program that is best for all.

We are all lucky to have such a big selection so we can test them out on our individual sites and see if they are a fit.

What we can do and and always do is warn each other about real fraudsters, and we kick these programs off CAP.

We may not be able to promote each program equally, but we sure as heck know who doesn’t pay us correctly.

Greek39 answered 1 year ago
I must agree with Dominique, Referback is making some very good positive changes. Although conversions are important, I find trust to be at par. The programs I trust will convert because I will take the time to promote them. greek39

xgambler answered 1 year ago
I think everyone is reading way too much into this poll. It is not like there is a runaway winner with 60% of the votes here. Different programs work for different people and you can assume that from the results here. New webmasters should try a variety of programs and over time move up the performers and remove the underachievers. This poll shows that some programs work better for some webmasters and that there is no single program that works the best for everyone.

Anonymous answered 1 year ago
Hi all,

RB is going to look good no matter what simply because they at one time … were so far ahead of anybody else that they literally IMHO were the kings of the hill and not facing much in competition to throw them off. Plus you must also consider that RB has the grandaddies of casinos to promote. Their names are well-known and that IMHO is a great edge especially likely to be appealing to the bigger player.

In fact it was their own actions that saw them fall off that mountain, not a move by another program… and though they’ve made great strides in the right directions of late … they still have never seemingly been able to get back the lead they once enjoyed.

I think people with a more seasoned eye for the industry would look at this poll and frankly be surprised that RB didn’t run away with it much more than they have …

there was once point for me where RB was bringing in the most money for me … and I didn’t even have them listed anymore on my sites. that went on for months which is one of the biggest reasons I am always going to speak up in their defense. Most programs (practically) beat you to the door .. so to speak in terms of when you stop sending traffic they stop making you money or threaten to close your account etc.

RB to my great cheer, held up its bargain and kept paying me every month. Eventually i listed them again because of this.