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Keyword density

TOG asked 2 years ago
Hi all,

What are the best keyword density percentages per search engine ?


3 Answers
webber286 answered 2 years ago
Keyword density isn’t as important as it’s made out to be. Some people really go crazy with 10-15% density, but it’s really challenging to write coherant copy with that type of percentage. You will also notice if you do a few searches that the density of the top returning sites will be all over the board from 15% down to 0%. Where you rank it the SERPs has much more to do with backlinks. You should write your copy for real people, making sure to sprinkle in your keywords here and there, definitely put them in the title tag and emphasize them on the page. That’s about all you really need to do.

TOG answered 2 years ago
Thanks foot the tips, at least I know I was on the right track. I completely agree about writing for real people cause I truly believe that content written with 15 % keyword density would probably chase people away.

It is probably quite horrific writing :colgate:

villa10 answered 2 years ago
For some non related gambling sites I am in the first ten positions, using 1.60% and for other searchs with 4-5%.

However is still common to see pages with 7% doing well.

I agree that the key is to write naturally and by all means avoid any kind of spammy trick.