US Presidential Candidates

Professor asked 8 months ago
Ok who are you leaning towards in the upcoming US Presidential Elections. Non US webmasters are welcome to vote or comment on their picks as well.
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tuleja answered 8 months ago

Were those intentional misspellings of the democrats? <span title=” title=”” class=”bbcode_smiley” />

They should be spelled Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton

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Professor answered 8 months ago
Thanks for catching that. I corrected errors.

The slip up wasnt intentional, its late in the day here and my pain meds make me punchy.

Triple777s answered 8 months ago
Well iam voting for Clinton, and i hope she goes after, Biden for VP.

Engineer answered 8 months ago
I will vote for Clinton or Obama — whoever ultimately gets the Democratic nomination.

I can’t choose one over the other just yet… but I can eliminate everyone but those two from the list. <span title=” title=”” class=”bbcode_smiley” />

allfreechips answered 8 months ago
My wallet cant accept a democaratic president unfortunately, nor can my personal freedoms accept a Republican in its current state.. Ron Paul is the only decent selection but people are too complacent to see the need for such a “radical” thinking person with true republican beliefs.

Goldfinger answered 8 months ago
EU inhabitant chiming in :wavey:

On the democratic side I think Hillary Clinton’s substance and experience will get her nominated. Obama’s vision of change is intriguing but up until now I think he has been relying too heavily on the vision bit and is lacking the real policy “beef”.

On the Republican side I take Romney, Mc Cain or Guiliani over Bush anytime.

P.S.: I like John Edwards as well but he probably doesn’t stand a chance of getting nominated anymore.

skinski answered 8 months ago
I like Edwards …but out of the Dems only Obama leans towards the online poker players side that I know of .

Ron Paul is the only one from the GOP that has made it clear that he stands with us , (from what I gather thro the PPA) and he don’t stand a chance….

I don’t vote party , but I don’t think I can vote for a Republican at all this go round.

bud405n answered 8 months ago
So far, my pick would be McCain.

I think out of all of them, he would be able to eradicate, although only a little, some of that bias that is way too apparent.

I have in the past voted Libertarian, but to me, RP is a little to out there. I wish the party came up with another choice, because I do feel the states should have more influence than the feds.

red_rockets answered 8 months ago
If the unthinkable happens and the republicans win again, I hope John Mcain wins. He is the only decent, level minded republican running this time round. Apart from his views on gays and abortion he is the most liberal minded republican.

antoine answered 8 months ago
I guess if someone hates the environment and homesexuals then it makes sense to vote republican, personally I am hoping for Hillary.