whats easyer to promote?

truckin asked 8 months ago
whats easiest for you to promote and convernts the best?
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worldpeace answered 8 months ago
perhaps we all should make the switch

jment answered 8 months ago
Up to now is Casino…:la-de-da:

Sparrow answered 8 months ago
I already joined 9am and may check out vipprofits as well, but first I have a load of content to write… Eek! <span title=” title=”” class=”bbcode_smiley” />

Simoneaton answered 8 months ago
For sports betting please take a moment to check out http://www.9am.com … and email me any questions you have.

Also http://www.vipprofits.com is another great program to look at.

I started both of them, so I know they both pay and convert well!!!

Sparrow answered 8 months ago
So far, poker, but it looks like it’s time to look at sportsbetting again and bingo for the first time. What are the best bingo programs out there?

Simoneaton answered 8 months ago
Will mention to the linesboard about decimal odds at Nine.com

antoine answered 8 months ago
Personal opinion of course:

Bingo is laughably easy to promote… problem is there’s not that much traffic or keywords to target.

Poker is in my opinion the most difficult to promote and with the exception of Pacific and Party often time has the worst player value for me. I earn much more off the average bingo player than i do off the average poker player and that is not saying much.

Sports Betting is moderately easy to get players but I am not seeing the player value yet.

Casinos have more limited traffic than sportsbetting and poker, but the player value and potential for whales is significantly higher.

JackTen answered 8 months ago
Nine.com would be pretty good if it had decimal odds. Imho any site that doesn’t give both options is shooting itself in the foot.

tryme1 answered 8 months ago
Sports betting definitely isn’t the best converting of the online gambling options, but it is easiest to promote (far more keywords and opportunities – after all, every sporting event anywhere in the world has people looking for odds and betting on that event).

From the ones on the list, bingo converts the best by such a big margin it’s frightening. Well, at least, it does for me.

Simoneaton answered 8 months ago
I strongly suggest everyone gives sports betting affiliate programs a go and then make up your mind. The Breeders Cup this weekend is a perfect time for you to trial this revenue stream out.

Please check out http://www.9am.com and also http://www.vipprofits.com as these are two very decent programs where I can assure that you will be paid in a timily fashion.