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Javascript links hiding

4 Answers
TOG answered 2 years ago
The reason I did this was I got Yahoo banned for affiliate links. If it doesnt help and could cause damage I will remove it.

BlackjackInfo answered 2 years ago
It certainly won’t hurt anything. However, the purpose is to hide affiliate links from visitors when they roll over the link to see where it is linking to. The search engine spiders will completely ignore that stuff. They’ll just pay attention to the href instead.

Greek39 answered 2 years ago
putting aff links in Java is a decent idea for for Google. The googlebot according to what i know has a hard time with Java and will likely not see them. But then again yahoo and msn will, so what do you do? greek39

kwblue answered 2 years ago
First off… Before you go changing all your links – make sure that the reason you are being ‘banned’ or ‘penalized’ is the affiliate links.

I have severe doubts that any of the search engines penalize for this… After all, the majority of websites out there are affiliate sites with afflinks in plain view. Some of them (in other industries) have PR7-8! What does that say??

One of my sites, I had thought was penalized in Yahoo for Affiliate Links. I, however, had some common content which was on ALL my pages. I created new content for each page and was re-listed on Yahoo within 1 week. (WITH affiliate links showing).

Do your homework…