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What percentage of your business is from the US?

You have affiliate marketing questions. CAP has answers!Category: Polls & SurveysWhat percentage of your business is from the US?
cbwhores asked 1 year ago
Here is my Google Analytics page for September 2006. How are yours? I know this is less exact since web site hits doesn’t equate directly to revenues, but figured it would be good information. If worst case of 100% of programs dropping US players happens, a ~50% drop in earnings is survivable IMO.


20 Answers
Kevin11 answered 1 year ago
Should also consider revenue breakdowns as well. On a per player basis, my non-usa players make more. Not sure if this is a common trend, but it may be something to consider when deciding whether or not its worth continuning on or not.

cbwhores answered 1 year ago
I knew that a better poll would be “What percentage of your revenue comes from US players”, but since some reporting systems don’t break it down that way and it would require manually adding up all the results, I figured the web hits would give us a ROUGH idea about the impact on the CAP members so we could get a handle on worst case scenarios. With so many talking about leaving the business entirely, I was curious if my traffic numbers were atypical. (according to early results, it looks pretty polarized)


worldpeace answered 1 year ago
over 90% of my traffic comes from CAD

Anonymous answered 1 year ago
while I’m still very reluctant to trust c coins … have they changed their predatory terms? then that just leaves the worry of their late payment issues and the unusual chargeback matters that seem to rear their ugly head about every 3rd month.

heimdall answered 1 year ago
Fortunately my players are mostly UK and Norwegian although I do have a few French players as well, although god knows how since my sites aren’t in french, maybe some of them speak the inferior english language after all <span title=” title=”” class=”bbcode_smiley” />
In any case I always say a big Bon jour to them :hattip:

I do feel for you guys with a predominately US player base though, it really sucks.

Rob472 answered 1 year ago
21.80% so far this month

Thats still way too much.

Anonymous answered 1 year ago

I hear ya joe, crying along with you I say 97 to 98% for me

insert insanely crying smilie here ……

aksana answered 1 year ago
USA-25,32%, then UK and then Europe

Dominique answered 1 year ago
Of course with Coins building up a player base is a pretty futile exercise because of the predatory terms. If you want to build up an income for retirement, or cushion against times when you can’t perform due to accidents or illness, you won’t get it here. Instead, your earned income will be confiscated.

AmCan answered 1 year ago
Before the “ban”(in this case operators banning themselves from US <span title=” title=”” class=”bbcode_smiley” /> ), my Partypoker (by far my biggest client over the last 4 years) player base was 87% US. I believe that across all programs 85% of players and revenues were from US.

Today, most new players are still from US, mainly (as before) thru microgaming programs. I’ve been really disappointed by the performance of virtually any non-micrograming program that i’ve tried. The only exception so far has been Casino Coins, where the conversion, commission and retention is acceptable.