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What percentage of your business is from the US?

You have affiliate marketing questions. CAP has answers!Category: Polls & SurveysWhat percentage of your business is from the US?
cbwhores asked 1 year ago
Here is my Google Analytics page for September 2006. How are yours? I know this is less exact since web site hits doesn’t equate directly to revenues, but figured it would be good information. If worst case of 100% of programs dropping US players happens, a ~50% drop in earnings is survivable IMO.


20 Answers
RILEY31 answered 1 year ago
About half then Germany and the UK

Nauti Kitten answered 1 year ago
Would be interesting to see this poll post October 13th because I’d have to say damn near 100% of mine was US, what a bitch October revenue was just enough to get me all excited, and then came November.:laughcry:

Webmaster7 answered 1 year ago
Try asking your affiliate managers, and I’m sure they’ll reply. I even know in which games they lost or win, and how much.

owldeath2 answered 1 year ago
I have absolutely no idea where my players come from.

Webmaster7 answered 1 year ago
I think 0% of my players are US, because my partner only accepted US players for a short while… now that they were finally accepting them, they blocked them again… so I never really promoted to US players. If I got some through search engines for a few months, I don’t know…

cyclone answered 1 year ago
I know my percentage soon once i receive the report from Playtech.

bonustreak answered 1 year ago
I hear ya joe, crying along with you I say 97 to 98% for me:Cry:

pdjoe answered 1 year ago
god, 97% of my players are US. most traffic to but that will change tomorrow…lol.

Lenny answered 1 year ago
My last 85 hits on one of my sites

81 Usa
6 canada
2 denmark
1 australia
1 hong kong

Last 100 Forum hits

99 Usa
1 New Zeland

Best Odds answered 1 year ago
46% to 59% of my REVENUES come from US players, not for long… I’m changing things drastically.