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Whats your lifetime conversion percentage at Full Tilt Poker Affiliates?

You have affiliate marketing questions. CAP has answers!Category: Polls & SurveysWhats your lifetime conversion percentage at Full Tilt Poker Affiliates?
misterDH asked 1 year ago
So what’ca got? :terms:

You find it at Reports > Player Signup Report

Mine is currently 7.67%

7 Answers
darko123 answered 1 year ago
Mines pretty good, 52%/53% cant remember exact and cant be bothered to log in lol

Although the real comission is around 15% after player fees etc eat up alot of $$$

I like 40% and absolutepoker – i find blackjack play very high at absolute – maybe because they have a link from the poker table, where dont, you have to go to the lobby and then “ohter games” or somthing like that just to play <span title=” title=”” class=”bbcode_smiley” />

Does anyone know if fulltilt have blackjack and if they pay us for it ?

TheGooner answered 1 year ago
32% lifetime, 40% this month.

But as has been mentioned above the REAL share of rake is pretty miserable.

This months details (so far).

They collected 1875
– 830 in rake
– 1045 in juice

They have expenses of
– 568 Player Bonus
– 359 player fees
– 18 Used points
– 15 Player added

So claim a net revenue of just 915 (less than HALF!!)
We get 183 (less than 10% of total).

The only GOOD things I can say about them is
– they have a great brand
– they have very little fraud

But the run up a helluva lot of other charges …

darko123 answered 1 year ago
hi gooner

Yer, they eat up alot $$ – although i didnt take into account the player bonuses as i think most sites deduct player bonuses hence why i came up with 15%.

Only reason why i promote is they have good conversion ratio and i hear the retention is very good too

Lenny answered 1 year ago
Got about 43% lifetime

Was doing a lot of signups for them till the 16th of this month and then for some reason , i dont know why they dropped off considerabley.

Anyway there fees suck , after deductions im lucky to make 10%

misterDH answered 1 year ago
I dont understand theire % plan.. I mean I have only 1 real money player and full tilt earned $18 total from him, and it sais that I earned total $15…

thats 80-90%… isnt that a lil too much? lol :3eyes:

Im ok with it though :inlove:

darko123 answered 1 year ago
for low earnings % you should see my ultimatebet poker figures.

Purchases .. 8,018.88

Revenue .. $74.11

Commission .. 18.52

Active Accounts 9

My commission at for 8K Deposits are $1280 which is at 40%
So my % comission estimate is about 1.5% at UB – makes my 15% full tilt look good

Goldfinger answered 1 year ago
/sorry slightly offtopic/

Reading this I guess if I ever push poker I will advertise, absolute and maybe some of the big sportsbook but full tilt and ultimatebet sound pretty miserable.