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Vote Here—More Men or Woman affiliates????

You have affiliate marketing questions. CAP has answers!Category: Polls & SurveysVote Here—More Men or Woman affiliates????
rtb1980 asked 1 year ago
I am just curiouse if this market is dominated by mostly men or woman… My guess is men.:shhh:

Please, only if you own a casino affiliate site, cast your vote and let us know if you are male or female, or other,I wouldn’t want to leave anybody out

Thanks for your votes!!

37 Answers
Dominique answered 1 year ago
I have been in business for myself all my life, in various industries, and I have always found it to be an advantage to be female.

For one thing a lot of men would underestimate me, and that can be a huge advantage.

When I was young and hot they would also be too busy looking to think. Or maybe they were thinking with their other head.

It’s all good. thumbs-up2.gif

Dominique answered 1 year ago
Diceman wrote:
Soon we will be going to conferences where there will be hot guys dressed in skimpy shit to get the ladies on board! :huh2:

You didn’t see the Hulk in Vegas then, did you????


mystysue answered 1 year ago
well.. i think for the most part.. gender does not matter.. but i have talked to a few affliate managers that tend to talk down to us females..
(needless to say i do not promote them)..

I one time got an email promo from a casino that was billed as Nags or hags.. and had a picture of a horse and a picture of a lady..
.. i know they were trying to be humorous.. but i found it in really poor taste..

my sig dot other is a web master of about 5000+ adult sites.. and it always surprises me when i have been to those conventions to see the amount of female web site affililates and web masters are in that field.

rtb1980 answered 1 year ago
Well so-far it’s 1/3rd ladies I was expecting less but hopeing for more.

I think that one key factor is that many woman also play the role of Mom, and from my observations this doesn’t really allow much time for developing a web-site.

Also perhaps alot of the men who replied are from other countries where woman are not treated with the equality and respect that they deserve?:Nod:

Dominique answered 1 year ago
I am very surprised to find 1/3rd women!

Used to be at conventions you’d see maybe one woman for every 50 men.

This is a good development. <span title=” title=”” class=”bbcode_smiley” />

pokercartel answered 1 year ago
mostly men for the same reason that most gamblers are men… most reprobates are men… most criminals are men… and most men are men… the lure of easy money and testosterone…

that is not to say that there aren’t plenty of beautiful female of the species that like to play poker or promote poker/casino websites and are VERY good at it… but as a whole we are pretty different… girls/women can excel in this or any other business just as well as men, and maybe better, but there is not as “broad” an interest (forgive the pun, i couldn’t help myself)… :satisfied

what i am most curious about though is what is the “other” sex… i must have missed that in health class…

ellen, i hope you will still speak to me next time we meet! you are one of those women that can excel at anything and have.

jocelyn answered 1 year ago
Dominique wrote:
Well, there certanly is not enough thought given to women by managers at conventions.

There are many male oriented activities going on at every convention and women have no place there.

It bothers me and I admit it does influence some of my decisions.

Agreed to an extent. Some of the advertizing gimicks at the Casino Afilliate Convention back in September were uncomfortable to say the least. Even the men were avoiding the stands with the super-sexy models hanging around them <span title=” title=”” class=”bbcode_smiley” />

Glad to see that there are 21+ women on this website forum alone. Weee

Jimboau answered 1 year ago
I would say men (my better half just pinched me). I change my answer to women!

voovoo answered 1 year ago
I had always tried to get my ex wife more involved with my aff programs just so could have understood why I spent so much time on it when I first started doing it. It did after all pay for her Doctorate.
I am looking forward to meeting all the woman affiliates at the vegas convention this year as well as the guys. I think the woman can probably be better at it than most guys. They seem to take a different approach to it and most of my aff mgr’s are women and they’ve come up with suggestions for me that I never would have thought of.

I’d be more than happy to buy the women a drink in:capmiami: vegas


OCR answered 1 year ago
Myself and two of my partners are women. I’ve worked in many fields and this is one that I feel everyone has the same chance as the next person regardless of sex, age etc… it all depends on how much you want it and are willing to learn, grow and keep building. :colgate: