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Casino and Sportsbook. Your revenue comes from whales or regular players?

You have affiliate marketing questions. CAP has answers!Category: Polls & SurveysCasino and Sportsbook. Your revenue comes from whales or regular players?
codename asked 2 years ago
Hi gang, I just wanna know how others revenue charts are for casino and sportsbook affiliate programs. I did not include poker or bingo coz the whales don’t make a huge difference on those products (correct me if I’m wrong).

My experience is a few whales will account for at least 50% of my revenue for any given sportsbook & casino program. The bottomline is good for as long as whale plays but long-term I’m apprehensive what happens when the whales stop playing and I can’t replace them with new whales.

by Whale – I mean big deposit – real player thus huge turnover. Whale is different from a wiseguy.

Appreciate your insights gang.

4 Answers
TheGooner answered 2 years ago
I can’t vote because there is nothing on that poll that says Whale <10% I think that early on when working with a sportsbook (or a casino) you might notice them – but after a year or so you should have plenty of general traffic as well which masks the turnover by big punters. So at new places I’d agree … But if you’ve been going 12 months or so you should have a more general base.

potsie answered 2 years ago
I would say ‘None of the above’. My profit is driven by a large volume of small to intermediate players. I would no classify any of the hundreds of active players that I have referred as ‘whales’.

aksana answered 2 years ago
As for me it may be less than 10% as Gooner said. But I’m not sure because I don’t count them. They are my loved players :kisser: , I like all my players and there is no sense who is the whale and how many whales. The most important is their activity.

pearlgaming answered 2 years ago
but i certainly won’t discriminate against whales <span title=” title=”” class=”bbcode_smiley” />